Our body is our vehicle to experience life in wonder ! Through our bodies and our senses we interact with the world around us. Love To Be Me! teaches us to honour our uniqueness, and express our love for who we are, in this moment. Making the world a kinder place starts with being kind to yourself.


'A beautiful book that introduces kids to an appreciation of their senses and their listening. Superb.' Elena Brower - Mama, teacher, speaker and co-author of Art of Attention


'I really love this book. Sarah has found a simple way of helping children to love and value themselves more. I believe it is extremely important that children learn this vital skill at an early age and I am pleased to sing the praises of Sarah's book.' Dr. David Hamilton - Author of I Heart Me: The Science of Self-love



Love To Be Me! teaches children to love every part of themselves. Paired with watercolour illustrations, readers are encouraged to embrace their body and all the activites they rae able to perform becuase of it. This book will help children discover a path to self love and view the beauty in the world and themsevles. Perfect for younger children still learning that their hands can create and arms can embrace. After reading this book chidlren will love to be themselves. Holly Rainville Resource Links Magazine June 2018


Love To Be Me!

  • Hardcover, 8.5" x 8.5" Printed in Canada

    Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified