I AM. Magical ME! celebrates the magic that is inside each and everyone of us. Connect mindfully and authencially to your feelings, thoughts, and emotions, and explore who you are, in this moment. I AM. Magical ME! invites readers to enjoy this journey of self-discovery, and to always remember that the magic is inside you !


The book I am. Magical Me is a wonderful, creative inspiring book for children. The books are wonderful in the children advisory unit. Early Childhood Educator, GTA


Learning to love yourself is a main focus of Sarah Kraftchuk’s books and I Am. Magical Me! Is no exception, continuing on her theme of trusting and understanding yourself. This book will have children exploring their feelings in a cheerful way with watercolour illustrations to accompany the text. Discovering what makes you angry, happy or sad this book is a helpful tool in getting children in touch with their feelings and in turn helps them discover that everyone around them giggles or cries for different reasons. Followed by pages in which you can fill in the blanks with what you love or makes you laugh, this story book can turn into a personal keepsake to remember what makes you magical. Holly Rainville Resource Links Magazine June 2018

I Am. Magical Me!

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  • Hardcover, 8.5" x 8.5", Printed in Canada

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